What is “Keelering” and Why Can Words Do It?

I have no idea what Words Can Keel(er) means. It seemed like a good idea for a blog name at the time, but I can’t remember why. Now I’m no longer a Keeler, but a Badger. No really. I married a wonderful man in August of 2009 who, in addition to  unconditional love and support, gave me the name of a short-legged, heavy-set carnivores in the weasel family. We live in New York City where I study English, religions, and creative writing in college. I also dance a lot and, God willing, would like to turn dancing into a career after I graduate this year. Also I love Harry Potter, tea and baking vegan things.  I hate arcades, mini-golf and the sound of metal scraping metal.

This a personal blog in which I write about life, dance, school, writing, God, whatever comes to mind, really.


5 responses to “What is “Keelering” and Why Can Words Do It?

  1. Bad news, your Dad found your blog. Your Mom and sister gave you up!
    lol you know I love it.

  2. Another writer in Texas! Have you got an agent yet? Any way I could see some of your work?

    – Jaden

  3. No, I don’t yet have an agent. I’m currently revising my novel to get it “in shape” so to speak and then I plan on submitting to agents. Hopefully I’ll have a little more of my work available on this blog soon.

  4. All I want to know is, how did you get comments on your about page? My pages don’t have comments. 😦

  5. Hey,
    I just found your blog by accident…and it turns out you’re Jerry’s friend that he talks about all the time, which is random! I went to school with him!

    Anyway…have enjoyed reading your blog, it’s great! Have a good day 🙂

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