The Secret to Happiness

Things that can go:

social anxiety




disordered eating

uncomfortable shoes (excluding pointe shoes and character heels)

fake personalities (mine and others)

lying (to myself)



going to dumb parties

withdrawing from my friends

judging (others, myself)

Things I welcome:

people who strive to create, not destroy

encouragement (from others, for others)


movement for movement’s sake

earl grey tea

Boy Meets World

knowing my self-worth does not depend on a number, a grade, a freshly-mopped floor, the quality of my banana bread, how many pirouettes I did today

enjoying freshly-mopped floors and banana bread and pirouettes anyway

jazz music circa 1935

reading really, really good books in one sitting

solitary walks

kneading bread dough with my own two hands

long conversations about nothing and everything with my husband

telling the stories I want to tell

being the person I want to be

the grace of a loving God

(Seriously corny guys, possibly lame, but I don’t care. This is where I am. Yay life.)


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