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I decided to forget that I have a blog for a few months. That was productive. I also apparently decided to forget that I have friends. Less productive. Actually, it’s really bad. If you are my friend and we haven’t spoken or spent time together at all this fall, I apologize. I could give everyone a lot of excuses, but there’s no excuse for not making time to catch up with the greatest people ever. So like, let’s hang out on skype and wear funny hats or go out for coffee or something, deal?

A few updates from October, November and December:

–I turned 20. Graham gave me the second-best birthday present ever when he cleaned the entire apartment while I was gone and took me out to my favorite restaurant. (First-best present was when he proposed last year.)

–We left the church we’d been attending for most of the year. God wants us somewhere else, He just hasn’t been very clear on where that *somewhere* is. We’re still looking for a church home. It’s annoying.

–I went to a lot of auditions, none of which resulted in jobs, but some of which were successful in their own right.

–We bought a coffee press. I drank a lot of coffee.

–I did a lot of writing. That’s part of the reason I failed to blog. You might get to see some of this writing soon. If you’re GOOD.

–I discovered that I won’t be able to graduate a year early like I expected; Graham began applying for colleges. We still need to figure out how and if we can both be in college at the same time.

–I started taking class at a new studio I really love.

–Yesterday, I completed my fifth semester of college. I only embarrassed myself a little bit in the freshman science class I had to take.

I mostly write this blog for friends, but I’d like your feedback. What kind of posts do you like? Boring life updates, topical/subject-oriented posts, creative writing?

And Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Prosperous New Year and all that!


4 responses to “Return to Blogging

  1. Would it be cheesy to say I like everything you write? Tis true.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Wooo! Sarah’s back!!!! ❤ you. So…I'm kind of trying to figure out how I can get to NY during my spring break…if it works out I'll let you know 🙂

    • Ahhh yes! That would be fantastic. You would totally be welcome to stay here if you needed to as well. Let me know!

  3. All posts are good posts.

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