Prayers Requested

I feel like I need to blog right now. I came home from saying goodbye to a friend who’s leaving New York this weekend at the conclusion of her summer internship and began the overwhelming process of packing for the next week. After about five minutes of cramming a third of the contents of my closet into my tiny blue suitcase, I realized that haphazardly throwing clothes into a bag probably wasn’t the best approach and resolved to start over in a more organized fashion. As I made myself a cup of tea and sat down in front of my word processor to type out a concise list of everything I would need in the days leading up to my wedding, I was struck with the suddent momentousness of the occasion. Granted, I like to over-exaggerate the momentousness of measurements of time in my head, but still. This is my last night in New York as a single person, my last night of lying wide awake on the large air mattress that serves as my temporary bed trying to ignore the creepy sounds my creaky apartment building makes at 3am. I felt the sudden desire to record this moment for posterity, imagining tonight as some Great Turning Point in the unconsequential story of my existence.

I’m elated and excited and feel so unbelievably blessed. In spite of my stress and worry about trivial concerns, I’m confident that our wedding–and marriage– will emerge victorious and successful. That said, I present this very special list:

Events, Situations and Other Miscellaneous Thingybobs Which Need Prayer

1. Graham’s photo ID situation. Due to an array of unpleasant circumstances out of his control, Graham no longer has a photo ID. As you may know, you need a photo ID to be a functioning adult in the world today. As such, he has to take a bus part of the way to Ohio and be driven by amazing, selfless, caring, devoted friends the other part of the way rather than fly. Once in Ohio, he should be able to secure a new ID. If he doesn’t, we can’t  get a marriage license. Please pray things go smoothly.

2. The transportation of items and people situation. Figuring out who is going to take items to the venue and when should be fun to figure out. Figuring out how to transport myself, my bridal party and my myrian of out-of-town guests who don’t have vehicles should also be fun. Pray things go smoothly.

3. The weather situation. I may not have fantasized about THE perfect wedding my entire life, but I have always wanted an outdoor wedding. The outdoor venue with which I was blessed for the ceremony is literally my idea of a perfect, picturesque wedding setting, but some meteorologists predict heavy rain for the day of the wedding. There is a back up plan that involves having the ceremony in the same converted barn as the reception and while this wouldn’t be THE END OF THE WORLD,  it would make my heart a little bit melancholy. Pray for clear skies.

There are loads more individual situations that need prayer, but threes plenty for this entry. If I have time this week, I’ll try and update at least once more before the wedding itself, but I can’t promise anything. Graham and I arrive in Ohio (separately) late Saturday night and early Sunday morning we’re kicking off the week at the Medieval Faire with some friends. After this day of reenacting a depressing, unsanitary period of human history, things get nuts. My mom and sister arrive, we glue small beads on various decorative objects, meet the DJ and florist IRL for the first time and have our final couple of pre-marital counseling sessions. (In which, among other things we get to talk about sex with our Pastor, every prude young Christian’s dream.)

Thanks for the prayers and the well-wishes. See you in Ohio.


4 responses to “Prayers Requested

  1. I won’t see you in Ohio, actually, because I don’t know you. I am a friend of a friend, but still praying things go smoothly. Congratulations and love to all involved.

  2. ^^Agreed. Wishing you a smoothly run wedding and happy marriage! From all that I’ve read, you very much deserve it : )

  3. I love you. I hope some of your stress will just evaporate, because you deserve a perfect wedding day.

    I pray it doesn’t rain, but who knows? Rain’s very romantic and kind of sexy. It’ll work out.

  4. I’m on it, the praying that is

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