Disorganized and Disinteresting

Howdy Y’all! (Sorry. I hate Texan stereotypes, almost as much as I adore reinforcing them.)

Confession: I have a serious addiction to other people’s blogs. The fact that my Google Reader feed stayed relatively stagnant over the weekend due to some holiday celebrating the signing of some old piece of paper really depressed me. If only I were as addicted to my own blog as I am to the blogs of people I’ve never met (and/or met only on the internet).

So far my visit to Texas has been enjoyable. I finally feel like the wedding is actually happening soon which is both thrilling and weird and a little scary. My mom and sister took me shopping and spent way too much money on my wedding makeup, rehearsal dinner outfit, and a dress for the second part of the reception. You know, the part when I can’t stand having to wrestle the 1.4 million layers of tulle and crenoline that is my dress just to go to the restroom and decide to change into something more suitable for dancing, mid-August heat and port-a-potties. Oh yeah, there will be port-a-potties at our wedding. See, in true Keeler-and-Badger style, we chose a beautiful, gorgeous, perfect ceremony/reception venue– with no indoor plumbing. I promise it’s a classy barn with aΒ classy bat infestation and classy port-a-potties.

After I acquired all of my extra wedding whatsits and such, my mom insisted that we all do a “test run” of our hair, makeup and dresses so on the fourth of July, before our celebratory annual viewing of the senior-citizen’s PBS Independence Day Special, Mom, Rachel (my sister/Maid of Honor/Made of Awesome) and I got all dolled up in our wedding gear. I practiced applying my overpriced department store counter makeup (with FREE GIFT) and Mom used her ninja hair dressing skills to make my otherwise un-exciting hair into a beautiful web of gorgeous. Did I mention that Mom also handmade my veil? She’s pretty awesome.

We all looked pretty great. I felt a little bit like a four year old playing dress-up in her mommy’s closet, but for a few minutes there, after pinning the silver tiara (aka Diadem of Ravenclaw) into my scalp with 76 bobby pins and before Mom pulled out her camera phone to take cheesy, pre-prom style pictures of Rachel and I in the living room, I actually felt bridal.

Earlier today, Rachel threw me a wedding shower in which I recieved a beautiful box full of old family recipes written on cards. These recipes are kind of a big deal in my family and very important to me, so it was really special. I also got to see a lot of old friends, drink earl grey tea out of china and eat adorable finger sandwiches and vegan cupcakes. In case you’re headed to a bridal shower anytime soon, please be aware that Target gift cards are apparently THE THING to give brides-to-be these days. I’m a pretty big fan of Target and exceedingly grateful for the cards, but I’m starting to think Target had a massive gift card giveaway I don’t know about . Or maybe they also give FREE GIFTS with purchase?

I’m enjoying another three days down here in the Lone Star State, drinking iced tea and counting the number of times I hear the phrase “bless her/his/your heart” every day. Oh, how I missed the South. See you when I’m back in yankee territory and can find something more interesting about which to write!


3 responses to “Disorganized and Disinteresting

  1. Katherine (alwayskatharine)

    Yay, Texas and its stereotypes! Even nearly 10 years later, I haven’t gotten over the fact that once I moved from Texas to Connecticut several of my peers wouldn’t believe I was from Texas because -gasp- I didn’t have an accent! Ha. I think there may have been some sort of accent battle. πŸ˜‰

    I think I say ya’ll more in writing than I do in real life. Maybe it’s subconcious– I don’t realy know.

    Anyway. I love hearing about your wedding. That probably sounds weird/stalker-y, but I do. πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah, great comment today, totally came at me from left field – probably because your story is really unique! There’s always someone who can blow my opinions out of the water, and that person today was you! πŸ™‚ Enjoy the movie next week.

  3. I left a little response to your comment on Matthew’s blog, but then realized I forgot the most important part… congratulations!

    And, you know, nothing says love quite like a couple dozen bats and a few shiny port-a-potties. πŸ˜‰

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