Housekeeping and Housegetting

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have successfully completed a treacherous Exodus from Brooklyn.  I didn’t exactly have to part the East River or run away from scantily clad Egyptians, but we (Graham and I) overcame several other challenges to secure the apartment in the Promised Land (also known as Manhattan):

1)      Money.  This apartment is cheap by NYC standards, but you know, that’s like saying “this genocide is petty by Third Reich standards.” Thanks to the help of family, loans of friends and a lot of prayer, we finally managed to secure all of the necessary money for this place. (One month rent, one month security deposit, obscene broker’s fee.)

2)      Paper work. First, the lease we signed was incorrect. Then, the broker wouldn’t accept the checks I gave him. Then, it seemed a million other things went wrong. Eventually, something went right.

3)      Being identified as Mormons or Orthodox Jews.  This wasn’t so much an obstacle as just . . . funny. I mean, since we are getting married young and we don’t want to live together until we’re married, and I wear long skirts we MUST be Mormon or Orthodox. They seemed pretty surprised that we’re non-denominational Christians. The broker was like “Wow, I didn’t know Christians had such strong moral values!”  I’ve never been prouder of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

4)      Actually moving.  Graham’s dad and friend came into the city to help us move. I really love Graham’s father and having him here to help us was a huge blessing. The fact that none of us had ever really driven in the city however, did not help the moving process. We made it to our destinations eventually, but only after many U-turns and wrong exits. The car battery also died, but in true Badger fashion, Graham’s dad made BFFs with these guys from East Africa who jump started our car for us. Then he got their card and probably told them about Jesus. I really love my family.

Now, I’m all alone in this gloriously huge, old, gorgeous apartment.  We have views of the beautiful park, and castle-like museum across the street and the Hudson River is only a few blocks away. Also, the walls are PALE YELLOW with white trim, which is my favorite color for walls to be. No joke.  We have a full kitchen, enormous living room and bedroom big enough for a handful of Queen sized beds. Did I mention the two walk-in closets? It is far nicer than I ever expected we’d be able to find for our budget and we’re planning to stay here as long as we live in the city (which could be only a year, depending on where Graham goes to school). Graham is staying with our friend Quinn until after the wedding while I try and figure out how to furnish this place.

In other news, I’m reading a lot of young adult novels this summer. I also just finished rereading HBP in preparation for the movie. I forgot how brilliant Book 6 is, both as an individual novel and as a piece of a larger series. Jo Rowling breathes wonderment and magic. Seriously.

Wedding planning is . . .going. Yeah. Invitations are finally out. Venue is booked. Rentals reserved. I really suck at being a bride. I know I’m supposed to know exactly how I want everything,  that I’m supposed to have been imagining my perfect wedding since the age of 6. Honestly, my dream wedding involves Hogwarts and flying carriages. As long as things look pretty and I get to marry the person I love with all of my family and friends close by, I’m not picky about the rest.

More news soon!


2 responses to “Housekeeping and Housegetting

  1. I wanna see your new apartmeeeeent. And, y’know, you.

  2. I agree with Marlena – you’re nice and all, but all we’re really interested in is your new apartment – do you think you could be a dear and give it sentience so it can post on twitter?

    hehe. In seriousness, I’m really happy for you that you managed to snap a place you’re happy with in the city, it’s a great step forward in your emotional happiness (as my mum would say and apparently.. I would too… wow, I’m turning into an old buddhist man, lol)

    We totally failed at both being on skype this weekend, lets make new years resolutions to be less skype sucky, haha. I suspect you’re an order of magnitude more busy than I and given the fact that you are my very favourite friend, I shall let is slide :p

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