13 Weeks

     Apparently channeling my dancer angst into a series of overly cruel and sarcastic posts about the open call audition process was not such a good idea. Never in the whole, sordid (not really) history of this blog have people so avoided visiting Words Can Keel(er). Part of me wants to go back and delete the last three posts at least, but that’s blogcheating and no one likes cheaters, except for Salazar Slytherin and he’s been dead a long time. 

     Truth? I have a self-censoring issues when it comes to journal-style blogging. The way I see it, if you want to know what I’m doing every second, of every day, you should follow me on Twitter, not expect me to recount it on my blog every week.  Unfortunately for stalkers, I don’t Twitter much anymore. I mean, I still Twitter a lot. Like, more than I should. One of my new year’s resolutions was to get less addicted to Twitter and so far, I’ve resolved. I only updated when I have something really pressing to say such as “Michael Buble is like vegetarian food” or “I have a lot of homework.”  The world needs to know. 

   So. Life. It’s pretty fantastic. Graham, my fiance,  has been in New York for over three months and spent the majority of those ninety days crawling around the city begging for a job. Good things come to those who wait I guess, because it looks like he has a couple of potential job offers on the horizon. I kind of feel like I shouldn’t have written that, like I just jinxed both job opporunities and we’ll be empoverished for the rest of our lives because I decided to update my blog. Anyway, turns out when you let God be in control of your life, He always comes through and provides. 

   Oh yeah. Have I mentioned I’m getting married in 13 weeks? August 15, 2009. Graham and I spent last weekend in Ohio, visiting the beautiful wedding site, deciding on the post-wedding hotel and tasting lots of cake. We also met with Graham’s pastor, who has agreed to officiate the ceremony. Because we’re only going to be able to visit Ohio one or two more times before the wedding, the pastor and his wife will lead us in pre-marital counseling via skype, phone and email for the next several weeks. Mainstream culture  often focuses so much on preparing for the wedding that it can be very easy to forget about preparing for the marriage. While I certainly have a LOT of wedding preperation to take care of before August 15th, my first priority over the next three months is making sure that I am ready to be Graham’s wife. 

   Looking awesome on my wedding day comes in at a close second. Okay, maybe not that close, but you only get married once, y’know? I’m absolutely enamored with my dress and while I don’t need to lose any weight to fit into it, I’m on a quest to shed a few vanity pounds before the big day. It’s so cliche–bridal boot camp, crash diets, tanning–but the pictures taken on our wedding day will be displayed in our house for the rest of our lives, shared with family and friends and TAGGED ON FACEBOOK. I don’t want to have to press “remove tag” because I look fat. I’m not going crazy, just working out a lot more and limiting my sugar intake. If I stopped consuming chocolate, I could probably lose five pounds in the next week, but what is a life without chocolate? 

     I don’t know how much you really care about my college news, but here goes: I suck at philosophy, I’m depressed that there’s no room in my schedule for me to minor in creative writing and I’m tired of studying religions at a secular college. I’ve only got about 40 credits left to go and then I’m free! Ideally, I’ll be able to dance in a company or shows for a few years before going back to grad school for a Masters in Theological Studies, but who knows. Graham may end up going to college in Virginia or one of those other non-New York places in which case I’ll either have to take frequent trips to New York for auditions and possibly live apart from him if I get work in a touring company or cruise ship, or find a dance company who will hire me in Virginia. Also, there’s the whole part about when we’ll have kids. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The Lord knows what’s in store and I’m ready for anything.     

   I’ll continue to update with wedding information and news and lots of other less annoying stuff. Maybe even pictures. Like this one. The farm owned by Graham’s church where our ceremony and reception will take place: 


There’s a little pond and blossoming trees and a huge barn for the reception. Isn’t it perfect?


3 responses to “13 Weeks

  1. Sarahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I’m just. I have no words. I love you so much and I’m so happy for you and I just… gyahhhhh.

  2. This blog, just reminded me how much i like you, and now i miss you D=

    Glad you guys are going through marriage counseling, a lot of people forget that step (well at least outside the church).

    hopefully I’ll be able to get to where that picture is in August. Tapanga 2009 ftw!

    PS you still owe me a Book Theif discussion. unfortunately i think i will continue lacking a computer of my own for another week.

  3. You’re wonderful, and I love you, and I’m so happy that you’re so happy. Like, I’m smiling so much right now, because aaaaaaah! <333

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