Reasons Leah is Awesome, Kinda

I’m spending the weekend at my friend Leah’s house in lieu of wandering the streets on Thanksgiving like the displaced vagrant I am. Okay, really it’s not that dramatic. I have a home and a family and stuff, but when your family is far away (“far away” as in Texas, not far away as in Jupiter or the North Pole or Poland, although that would be pretty cool) and sitting at home eating pie and watching Mircacle on 34th Street alone doesn’t sound appealing anymore, you run away to your friend’s houses, I guess.

So far the following things have occured:

1. Leah’s family has been far too nice to me. Like, my own family doesn’t treat me this well. (Just kidding, Mom and Dad.)

2. Leah’s dad asked me a lot of things about Texas and I simultaneously felt like I was a) the cool new kid in school and b) from a different planet altogether which- let’s face it- I sort of am. Texas actually took pluto’s place as the ninth planet in the solar system.

3. I ate way too much food and am afraid I will actually, literally not fit through the train compartment doors and have to be rolled back into New York on Sunday.

4. I slept for thirteen hours on spiderman sheets.

5. Leah and I watched Sesame Street together. We sang along to the catchy Abby Cadaby word fairy song and got excited when Tellymonster won the triangle toss. Also, I think Sesame Street is way more advanced than it used to be. The number of the day was “16” which is, like, a double-digit number. I don’t remember getting to the double-digits in Sesame Street land when I was a wee one. The Elmo’s World segment is sort of frightening. I mean, all of his furniture is animate and he has a bathing duck behind one of the myserious doors in his house.

6. We also hugged each other whenever there was a cute baby on the screen. I’m not really sure why this is our first reaction when we see something adorable, but it’s infinitely better and more satisfying than hugging yourself. Try it. You’ll see.

6. Leah suggested I write a blog about all of the reasons she’s awesome. I was going to do it, but I got overwhelmed so I wrote this instead. You wish you had a friend as awesome as Leah. You WISH you were cool enough to spend an hours laughing about the name “Klyphard”, the phrase “Am I good enough, Mr. Reagan?”, and robot-laser-arms. You wish.


4 responses to “Reasons Leah is Awesome, Kinda

  1. Lol we’re cuddling.

  2. Come to me now. I cannot last this long without a hug from either of you.

  3. Oh I do!

    Sounds wonderful. I had a late thanksgiving with my new friends Christie and Dinah who’re over here studying. We went to a pub for dinner and then slept in a van because all the hostels were booked. :p It was a lot of fun.

    Coincidentally, I was watching Sesame Street the other day too. It made me happy, and I love how you can still enjoy watching it however old you are.

    In other news, I miss you and we should talk sometime.

  4. I miss watching Sesame Street. My college roommate is going to hate me because that’s all I’ll ever watch.

    And I’m in Texas, too! Strange coincidence…

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