The Moon Also Rises

Quick updates:

1. Portus 2008 was fabulous and interesting, to say the least.

2. I’m in New York, in my new Brooklyn apartment. It’s larger than I anticipated and most definitely a different sort of area than I’ve ever lived before. I’ve kinda done the “white, suburban, two car garage” thing, you know? Everyone else seems afraid of my neighborhood, but as long as I take the usual precaution, I see no reason to fear people with a lower income than my family or people from different ethnic backgrounds. The minute one person starts thinking they’re better than the other, that what is an acceptable living situation for one is not acceptable for another, the world becomes about “us” versus “them.” As John Green once said, “There is no ‘them’, there are only facets of ‘us.'”

3. I need to start working on Harry Potter Alliance stuff. The New York City chapter has awesome potential and I can’t wait to really get started on organizing and meeting, but aside from setting up a Yahoo group and sending some email updates to members, it seems like our first real meeting won’t be until sometime after Terminus.

4. Oh yeah, Terminus. I’m far more excited about this conference than I have been about any conference or fandom event in the past, not including book releases and the Carnegie Hall reading. My mind keeps trying to wrap itself around the idea that 90% of my favorite people will be under one roof for an entire week. Without going into too much detail here, my life has changed dramatically in the past six weeks largely because of a person I will meet for the first time at Terminus. That sounds so profoundly corny, but it is entirely true. 9 days.

In case you were wondering, I have about 7 drafts of various ramblings saved, some of which I intend to clean up into actual, decent blog posts, but thus far, my mind can’t stay focused on any one of them long enough to do so.


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