An Almost Normal, Blog-like update.

This post comes to you in 4.5 parts.

1. In case anyone cares, my room is basically clean. I threw away two garbage bags worth of old school papers, broken CDs, clothing tags and other miscellaneous clutter. I also discovered letters from the early days of Saramea. The letters are important records in the effort to preserve the history of Saramea, as they document the origin of various words and phrases currently used in Saramean vernacular. (If you don’t know what Saramean is, I apologize. Actually, I don’t. I congratulate you for avoiding corruption and conspiracy.)

2. My brain is avoiding capture these days. I’m fairly sure a profound thought or two has passed through my mind recently, but I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to write any of these thoughts down. I can’t even talk about the novel at the moment. It’s just  . . . blegh.

3. Somehow, I managed to get a weird cold-type-thing in the middle of the summer. As soon as I started sleeping regularly my body just kind of shut down. I’m an extremely physical type of person and usually spend my days running around like crazy even if I have nothing specific to do, so whenever I’m physically handicapped in anyway I get frustrated and angry and start throwing spatulas and small children across the kitchen.

4. Speaking of spatulas, I might now be going to Ohio to visit some friends right after Terminus. Not that anyone really needs to know that.

4.5 Hey, I know. Let’s play a game. Leave me blog prompts in the comments. Questions you want me to answer, subjects to write about, people you’d like me to have killed. Anything. I need inspiration.



One response to “An Almost Normal, Blog-like update.

  1. Weird cold-type-things suck, but at least if you have less energy then you won’t be able to throw the small children quite as far. See? It’s a blessing in disguise.

    Blog prompts. Hmmm.

    You could write a blog about how awesome I am. It’d put me in a good mood.

    Or not. I don’t know…

    Shows! Musicals. You could give a top five musicals/shows list. I’d find that interesting.

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