The Return of the List (with a vengeance!)

Still working on that Descartes blog, but unfortunately this update is mostly for my own use. A friend of mine used a “secret” message board we have to post pictures of her room during different stages of the cleaning process. I’m not quite brave enough to post photos of my bedroom in its current state, however I think tracking the progress of my attempts to become more organized might help me actually accomplish my organization goals for once.

My best friend and I just paid a security deposit and signed the lease on an apartment in New York City. Even though I’ve lived in the city for 9 months already, this time my move is far more permanent. I’m not living in student housing, I’m paying my own rent and I won’t have to come home for the summertime. While I’m ridiculously excited to finally be living with my best friend, in our own apartment, it also means that I have to get rid of a lot of my possessions. I’m in Texas until late July at which point I’ll ship a couple of boxes of stuff up to NYC and take one suitcase with me. Most of my books from childhood I’m leaving at my mother’s house in our “library.” In fact, I think my mom plans to turn my room into the “Harry Potter Library” since it’s half way there already. It’s just weird that I won’t really have a bedroom when I come here to visit . . .  I’ll be a guest. Most people don’t really move out on their own until after college, but I’ve always done things quickly. Skipping grades in school, getting a both a BA and Master’s in 4 years instead of the usual 6 or 7, my mind maturing 20 years ahead of my body. . . . Ok. Things I need to accomplish (on the cleaning front) before I leave:

  • Get rid of unwanted books (like the  random romance paperback novels from 1992)
  • Organize books we want to keep
  • Put all bookshelves into library
  • get rid of magazines, high school papers, random artifacts corrupting my room
  • get rid of more of my old clothes
  • pack things I need to take and ship them
  • vacuum and dust
  • organize cd’s and audio books

I wish I was one of those compulsively organized people sometimes. I’m so OCD about so many things other than organizing my stuff. MUST CHANGE


One response to “The Return of the List (with a vengeance!)

  1. Good list. *nods* Heh, I have that problem too. My room’s on its way to being tidy now though. I half tidied it a week or two ago, now I just need to finish it off.

    Exciting stuff. I want to move out! (And move in with you while I’m at it.) But the idea of having a nice chunk of savings is too alluring. I also haven’t fallen in love with a city yet, which helps.

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