A Poor Substitute

I have a real blog, about Descartes and philosophy and reason in the works, but I’m too brain dead to finish it, so in the mean time I’ll just update with a bunch of rambling.

My plan was to finish the final draft of Swingnacht by the end of June. The more I reread it, the less I like it and the more I need to rewrite. The amount of rewriting I’ve had to do is seriously depressing and I’ve started treating my Swingnacht word documents like they contain hazardous materials. “CAUTION: DO NOT OPEN. SELF-ESTEEM WILL PLUMMET. “Still, I’m a perfectionist and I can’t stand just letting my story wallow in its own suck.

Last night, my dad asked me about the story and I found myself really excited about it for the first time since I realized I’d completed a draft. It was the first time I’d really opened up and shared a fair amount about the plot, the characters and my reasons for writing Swingnacht. I didn’t so much as mention the fact that I was working on the story until after my first draft was done, partially because I didn’t even expect to finish it, and partially because I hate talking about my own work. Talking about it last night was surprisingly liberating. When telling my sister about my favorite character, who is actually a new addition to the story, a replacement for several characters who were deleted to help fix plot holes and historical inconsistencies, she responded “you talk about him like he’s real; like he’s a new crush or something.” Okay, so I kind of have a crush on my own character. I don’t want to know what this says about me.

Starting tomorrow, I’m cracking down on myself. This is Swingnacht Novel Editing Month (SwingNoEdMo). These characters, and the real kids on whom they’re based, need someone to tell their story. *Insert valiant music and closing credits.*

Current progress

Revised and edited: Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 10.

Remaining: 15 chapters, plus any additional scenes that need to be added.


One response to “A Poor Substitute

  1. Yay! You can do it Sarah! : )

    I wonder if I’ll ever find the will and time to edit mine. This inspires me… so I think the will is coming. The time is the hard part.

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