The Blog Before the Blog

I can’t write about this whole situation yet. Harry Potter, JK Rowling and Animals are the three subjects I cannot debate without getting protective and emotional and I’m already so angry that writing about it here will probably only come across as a blind, emotional and irrational defense of Jo. Honestly, I don’t really care because I support Jo unconditionally. Anyway, I’ll probably blog here about the trial eventually. I may even try to go at some point this week.

For now, I’ll just remark that Jo’s amazing, badass answers on the witness stand yesterday reminded me so much of Harry addressing the Ministry, Umbridge and the Dursleys.


One response to “The Blog Before the Blog

  1. I understand that. I didn’t really expect you would blog about it now, maybe not at all in fact, because I know how you feel about such things.

    If you’ve read my blog, you know I wasn’t 100% happy with everything Jo said, but that doesn’t change my feelings for her in general. And some of her answers were freakin’ hilarious. I love her so much.

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