50 Things I’ve Never Done


50 things I’ve never done

1. Cuddled a platypus

2. Licked a wall

3. Had tea with the Dalai Lama

4. Traveled backward in time

5. Written a song

6. Asked someone out

7. Gone dumpster diving

8. Spent the night on the beach

9. Gone an entire day without smiling

10. Gone an entire day without reading

11. Been to India

12. Traveled across the Atlantic ocean

13. Been on a boat for more than 6 hours

14. Been drunk

15. Smoked anything

16. Gone an entire day without caffeine (since I can remember)

17. Stayed in bed all day

18. Read War & Peace

19. Cheated on a test

20. Been inside a mosque

21. Painted an entire wall in words

22. Disliked something about Harry Potter

23. Ridden a bike with no training wheels

24. Ridden on a motorcycle

25. Been to Florida

26. Failed a class

27. Not done my homework

28. Jogged in downtown San Antonio

29. Mud wrestled

30. Been on a “real” roller coaster

31. Worked in the food service industry

32. Trusted a stranger

33. Broken a bone

34. Hugged Jerry Cooke

35. Taken an Israeli Folk Dancing Class

36. Liked something because my friends liked it

37. Painted daisy’s on a bug red rubber ball

38. Purchased something from Tiffany & Co.

39. Been to London

40. Had a body piercing

41. Published a novel

42. Made a documentary

43. Painted a portrait

44. Owned a house

45. Had a pet gerbil

46. Battled pirates on the high seas

47. Hung out with JK Rowling for an extended period of time

48. Had a tea named after me

49. Streaked at a major sporting event

50. Been to Boston in the Fall


3 responses to “50 Things I’ve Never Done

  1. My my, you haven’t lived!

    Hehe, kidding. I’ve done 12 of those things, and I daresay I could add a lot more that most people would have done.

    Numbers 9, 10, 15, 19, 22, 26, 27, 30, 36, 40 are all things about you I love.

    And I see some goals and aspirations on there. I wonder how long it’ll be until they happen.

    Where does one find a cuddly platypus?

  2. wordscankeeler

    I tried to avoid any major goals and aspirations aside from publishing a novel, traveling various places, having a tea named after me and cuddling a platypus naturally.

    Mostly these are just things I thought of off the top of my head. I don’t necessarily want to do them.

  3. Yeah, those were the ones I was thinking of, mostly. What about hanging with Jo? Sounds like a good goal to me :p

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