This Is Not My Life

If you are in search of news about the life of the writer of this blog, you should probably just quit reading now. I get bored with describing the details of my life very easily and have failed at all previous attempts to keep a journal, diary or personal blog in the past. Also, the only people that really care about those details people so often write about in blogs are either A) the fans of well-known authors B) acquaintances who have always wanted to be close friends with the blogger but have been too shy to really speak to them, and C) Creepy-stalker-people who like getting into everyone’s business. Of course, as Rubeus Hagrid says “yeh get weirdos in every breed” and there are certain to be several blog readers who do care about blogger’s personal details and do not fit the description of A, B, or C. I call them “the Xes.”

Actually, that’s a lie. I don’t actually call them anything because I don’t really think about them very often. Sorry, “Xes.” I’m sure you’re lovely people, but I don’t sit in class thinking about all the people that read blogs. Usually, I’m too busy imagining what my professor might look like wearing Dumbledore’s Hat or trying really hard to look like I care about Socio-Spatial Interactions or the origins of Krumping.

Oh look, hey, that was kind of a personal detail! So maybe I lied. Maybe I will give you some personal details here and there. You’ll never know, will you?


One response to “This Is Not My Life

  1. Yay! 🙂 I like blogs, and I think in general I’m one of the Xes, but in your case I have tendencies towards C. :p

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